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Farm to Table

No hormones or antibiotics. Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

How It Works


Look through our products, and fill your cart with your favorite fresh meat and cheese products.

Pickup or Delivery

Visit us at the Boston Public Market or a Farmers Market, choose a location you'd like to pickup your order, or order through Mercato for delivery.


Enjoy a great meal with your family and friends supporting local farms.

Our Story

We started The Farmhouse Meats to provide healthy natural meats from New England farmers direct to consumers. We have always cared about animals, and wanted to know where our food comes from.

We care about honest farming practices. We started with a friend who is a 3rd generation Black Angus farmer who cares about his cows, the processing, and how the final product ends up on your table.

We now work with great farmers around New England to provide all natural meats. It's important to us how the animals are treated, processed, and how the farmers take care of the land.